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Custom Playhouses - http://www.customplayhouses.com/

Provides kits and construction advice on many different types of playhouses from Victorian to custom. Provides information on potting sheds too.

Home Made Simple - http://www.homemadesimple.com/

Provides guides and articles on home issues such as gardening, decorating certain rooms and organizing the contents of your house.

Mold Tips - http://www.moldtips.com/

Information from the National Association of Homebuilders to prevent and control mold.

Playnix Toys - http://www.playnix.com/

Provides a variety of outdoor toys for kids such as playhouses, swingswets and forts.

Split-Level Homes - http://www.splitlevel.net/

Provides an introductory guide into split level homes including bi-level, raised ranch and split level solutions.