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Allergy & Asthma Community Forum
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Community forum and support group that helps people deal with allergies and asthmatic conditions.

Keratin Control
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Keratin Control is an advanced hair treatment system that is designed to take your hair from lifeless and flat to beautiful and shimmering. Cancer Information
[ ] is a comprehensive resource for those affected by asbestos-related diseases, such as mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis. A diagnosis of these cancers can feel overwhelming, but you don't have to deal with it alone.

Neurosarcoidosis Support Group
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Offers support for neurosarcoidosis and CNS sarcoid suffers. Information available on the site as well as a live chat feature.

NJ Foundation for the Blind
[ ]

Located in Denville, NJ. Provides training and rehabilitation to those suffering from blindness.

Sunshine Coast Health Center
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One of Canada's top alcohol treatment and drug rehabilitation centers. Located in British Columbia, we offer alcohol or drug detox based on a non-12 step methodology. We also treat process addictions such as gambling, online porn, and sex addition.